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4 Signs That May Indicate Your Pipes Are Frozen

The persistent winter weather is never kind — we’re always cleaning up after it. As if we don’t struggle enough through the frigid season, we’re still forced to clear pathways of snow, experience issues with our car, and endure the common cold that is more likely to arise from cold weather. A more troubling issue is when the cold impacts areas relating to our home that are typically out of our visibility. One of the most common problems homeowners face as a result of cold weather are frozen pipes. No matter which pipes are frozen, First Class HVAC provides expert services to homeowners to resolve unexpected damages.

While it’s not unusual to experience frozen pipes in the wintertime, a broken or underperforming furnace is frequently the source of the problem. Broken furnaces are much more likely to give way to interior pipe damage caused by the cold weather. First Class HVAC, the leading provider of home heating repair in Sussex County, offers quick and efficient services so that your family doesn’t have to swarm around the fireplace.

Here are four signs that might indicate frozen pipes in your home:

Damp Drywall

When pipes freeze, the frozen water inside of them causes the material to expand. When a pipe expands beyond its reasonable breaking point, the risk of experiencing leaks and bursts may quickly become a reality. Burst pipes will disperse water in areas it does not belong, which is a common way that homeowners first notice that they have a problem. This typically comes in the form of damp or rotting drywall near the area that a pipe has sprung a leak or burst.

Unusual Sounds

When frozen pipes obstruct air and water flow, they can often make unusual sounds. Air travels through pipes when you flush a toilet or use a sink, which cannot escape if the pipe is frozen. Some noises to look out for are whistling, clanking, or banging sounds.

Plumbing Issues

There are many different causes for plumbing issues, but ruling out frozen pipes is important. If you are a homeowner experiencing persistent issues with your plumbing, this could be a sign that there is a deeper issue at hand. If little to no water is coming out of your faucet, you should take into account that your pipes could possibly be frozen. In such cases, calling a professional to inspect the issue is necessary.

Wet or Icy Pipes

If you have exposed pipes in your home that are located in unheated areas, it is important to inspect them regularly during the winter to make sure they are not affected by cold temperatures. It is easy to inspect pipes that are exposed by checking for condensation or frost buildup. Bulging pipes are another indication that they are frozen.

If you run into problems with pipes in the interior or exterior of your home, call the experts at First Class HVAC. Our professionals offer valuable, efficient services to homeowners at their utmost convenience. Don’t go another day this winter without the comfort of warmth your home. For heating repairs in Sussex County, call First Class HVAC at 302-804-1309 and let us provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.

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