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Spring is almost here and, like every year, it’s a good time to consider the annual spring cleaning of your Newark, Delaware home. Checking your central air conditioning and heating systems at the start of each spring is a great way to observe any potential problems and address them quickly. Here are a few HVAC cleaning tips that you can perform that may cut down on maintenance issues, potentially saving you money.

Schedule a Spring HVAC Check-Up

Small leaks and holes, as well as broken HVAC system components, can cause the central air conditioning unit, furnace, or heat pump in your Newark, Delaware residence to malfunction or waste energy. Schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician at the beginning of each spring to make sure that your air conditioning system is ready to properly function once temperatures rise.

Replace Air Filters

Accumulated dirt can block the filters of your central air conditioning unit and your furnace, creating clogs and diminishing airflow. If you choose to reuse your filters, use warm water and dish soap to remove the dirt, then allow the filters to dry before reinstalling them. Filters that are damaged or too difficult to clean may require new replacements.

Clean Debris from Coils

Making sure that the coils of the HVAC system in your Newark, Delaware home remain dirt-free can save energy, which can result in lower energy bills. This maintenance can also lengthen the lifespan of your equipment. Signs that your central air conditioning evaporator coils are clogged with dirt include weak airflow, coils that freeze over, or a unit that is unable to blow cold air.

Examine Your Home’s Ductwork

Mold and mildew trapped in the ductwork of your Newark, Delaware residence compromises the air quality in your home. Holes in the ductwork tubing can indicate the presence of vermin and decrease your HVAC equipment’s performance. Any signs of ductwork issues should prompt you to contact an HVAC technician for a scheduled ductwork inspection and cleaning.

Clear Away Objects from Outdoor HVAC Equipment

Diminished airflow can be the result of a blocked or clogged HVAC condenser. Remember to do an inspection outside your home as part of your spring cleaning ritual and brush away leaves, mowed grass, and other items that may block your outdoor heat pump or AC unit. This way you can promote ideal airflow and conserve energy.

Spring is an ideal time to make sure that the HVAC system in your Newark, Delaware residence gets the careful cleaning and inspection it deserves. Remove debris from components, such as air filters, evaporator coils, and condensers, to increase airflow and help avoid equipment breakdowns. Scheduling an appointment with an HVAC professional for ductwork cleaning and maintenance can benefit your system’s performance, increasing your comfort and saving you money throughout the year.

Spring cleaning of the HVAC system in your Newark, Delaware home is important to lengthen the lifespan of your equipment, and HVAC professionals are available to help make this task easier for you and your family. The dedicated and courteous HVAC technicians of First Class HVAC have been performing HVAC maintenance for residents of Newark, Delaware for over 40 years. Contact ustoday for HVAC system inspection and ductwork cleaning services this spring.

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