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These 4 Myths could be Harming your HVAC and your Wallet

There are a number of “tips” for “hacking” your HVAC to heat your home this winter. Some of those tips might even claim to save you money on your electric or heating bill. The truth is, some of those tips could actually be harming your HVAC system. Other might be costing you money too.


A pretty popular myth says you should close the doors and vents in unused rooms in your home. The justification is if the vents are closed then the home won’t waste money heating that room, thus saving you money.

The truth? Closing vents and doors to unused rooms will cause undue strain on your HVAC unit as the pressure is increased in the enclosed ductwork. This increased pressure can cause expensive damage to your HVAC system. To counteract the increased pressure, you HVAC may even use more energy resulting in higher electric bills.

The solution? Leave vents open and aim to leave doors open to evenly heat your home in the winter.


This myth could be dangerous for your wallet. Don’t fall for the myth that bigger HVAC units are better for your home no matter what.

The HVAC unit you use should be proportional to the size of your home. A larger home or building will need a larger HVAC unit, but smaller homes should opt for smaller units.

A unit that is too large or too small for your home spell trouble. A large unit may use too much energy to heat a small space. The large unit may also create too much pressure in your home causing problems with the unit and your ductwork. While a HVAC unit that is too small will work too hard to heat your home wearing it our faster and requiring expensive repairs more frequently.

The solution? Consult an HVAC expert to determine the appropriate HVAC unit for your home and lifestyle.


It is true that ceiling fans can circulate the heat in a room to make your home seem warmer. However, this statement isn’t entirely accurate. Fans only trick your body into thinking the air around it is warmer or cooler through the wind chill effect. The fan doesn’t actually create hot or cool air.

In fact, the only thing that ceiling fans “generate” is increased energy. Constantly running the ceiling fan to circulate the warm air in your home will cause increased energy bills rather than save you any money on your heating bills.

The solution? Opt to use ceiling fans for short periods to circulate the air in a room. Avoid leaving the fan on for longer periods to save money.


Probably one of the most dangerous myths for your home is the idea that cranking your thermostat to a higher temperature will force your home to heat faster. After your home is comfortable, you can lower the temperature again.

This can cause serious damage to your HVAC unit and put your home at risk. Cranking the heat will force your HVAC system to work harder to reach the set temperature and make the unit run longer than it normally would.

These two factors together can quickly and easily damage your system requiring expensive repairs. Overworking your HVAC can even cause some parts to burn out, which could put your home at risk for fire or other electrical damage.

The solution? Try a smart thermostat to automatically heat and cool your home to save on your electric bill this winter.


If you fell victim to one of these common heating myths, contact First Class HVAC for expert heating repair in Delaware and Maryland. Our technicians will inspect your unit and ensure there isn’t any damage to your unit or your home’s ductwork. Call 302-804-1309 or contact us online to schedule an appointment today.

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