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Common Allergens in Delaware and Maryland

Common Allergens in Delaware and Maryland

The combination of beaches, fields, and woodlands throughout Delaware and Maryland can create a number of different environments that impact people who suffer from airborne allergies. Although many people assume that the beach is allergy-free, studies have shown that allergens in the air can travel 400 miles out to sea and two miles into the air. Because allergens can be carried by the air, there’s no outside area where allergy sufferers can be sure they won’t experience symptoms of their allergies.

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Springtime allergies are often connected to pollen spores from birch, cedar, pine, maple, and oak trees. In late spring through the summer, grass can cause a lot of allergy-related problems. Conversely, fall allergies are often caused by weeds. For a full list of allergens throughout the seasons, check out this list.

If you suffer from allergies, an air filtration will help filter allergens out of the air in your home. However, allowing outside air unfiltered into your house through open windows negates any benefits air filtering systems can provide. Instead, during high allergen days, use an air conditioner to cool your home rather than an open window and fans.

First Class HVAC offers a full range of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services, including indoor air quality services, throughout Delaware and Maryland. Whether you live seaside in communities like Lewes or Rehoboth Beach or inland in Milton or Milford, we can help you create an indoor environment that reduces airborne allergens so you can be free of red eyes, sneezes, and troubled breathing regardless of the season. Contact us today.