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Why Ice Forms on Your Air Conditioner

Why Ice Forms on Your Air Conditioner

You might be perplexed in the hot summer months to find that ice has formed on your air conditioner. It’s important not to ignore this warning sign because it is an indication that something is wrong with your A/C unit.

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Reasons Ice Forms on an Air Conditioning Unit

Ice generally forms on an A/C unit for one of two reasons. First, ice formation could be caused  by low refrigerant levels. If your air conditioning unit is regularly serviced and should have adequate refrigerant, low levels suggest the unit has a leak.

The second most common reason ice forms on an air conditioner is slow airflow through the unit. The coils within an A/C generally maintain a temperature which is slightly above freezing. This temperature is maintained by a correctly paced airflow passing over the coils. Slow the air down and the coils freeze.

Airflow through your air conditioner is maintained by the unit’s fans, so ice formation can indicate a fan malfunction. Slow airflow through the system can also be caused by something clogging the system.

What to Do if You See Ice on Your A/C

Since ice formation is a sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner, you should turn off your unit immediately. Clean or replace the filter, making sure that nothing is obstructing air flow into the unit. Allow any ice to melt completely before attempting to turn the unit on again. If the air conditioner does not seem to be functioning properly or ice forms again when the unit is turned back on, contact a HVAC professional for help.

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