Basement Moisture Sealing & Water Proofing IN DELAWARE & MARYLAND

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Basement moisture sealing and water proofing is ideal for unfinished basements to ensure that your basement is staying moisture and leak free and that you can feel safe with any personal items that are stored or kept in your basement. We also VERY highly recommend that you have your basement water proofed before starting or adding onto finished portions of your basement to ensure that the room will stay moisture free and in turn much more unlikely to generate mold or water damage between the walls in your basement after finishing.

Benefits of Water Proofing

-Health protection. Dormant water can result in dangerous bacteria and mold to grow in your basement and potentially affect your whole home’s air safety, in addition to making unsafe conditions in your basement.

-Pest protection. Dormant water can be a breeding ground for unwanted pests and animals in your home and basement.

-Increase structural integrity. Condensation and increased moisture buildup due to water and humidity in your basement can lead to future structural issues that could easily be avoided.

-Efficient Use of Energy. If your instinct is to turn on your air conditioner to remove excess humidity in your home, you’ll unfortunately wind up causing your energy bill to go up – because more air means more energy.

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