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5 Signs Your AC Unit Needs Attention


Summer’s warm weather works your air conditioner for months on end. When the temperatures are hitting record highs and your house is staying a cool 71 degrees, it’s important to remember to check and maintain your AC unit. At First Class HVAC, we offer regular central air conditioner maintenance in Wicomico County and the surrounding areas that helps your air conditioner keep up with the blazing heat and constant demand for cool air.

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Our AC maintenance in Wicomico County acts as a check-up and check-in on how your air conditioner is functioning. At our check-in, we’ll:

  • Check the system’s airflow
  • Change filters
  • Clean and clear debris
  • Check ductwork for blockages
  • Tighten loose screws

Of course, it can be easy to forget about scheduling a yearly maintenance appointment until something goes wrong. When your central air unit falls out of a consistent cycle, the chance of needing repairs becomes much higher; and when you’re constantly using your air conditioning to keep the temperature of your house at a low level, your AC unit is bound to need repairs.

After your air conditioner has worked hard all summer long, the best thing you can do is provide it with some much needed maintenance. We’ve compiled a list of five indicators that will help you realize when your air conditioner needs repair.

1. Blowing Hot Air

This is probably the most obvious sign that your AC unit needs to be repaired. When your air conditioner is blowing hot air, there’s never been a better time to call First Class HVAC. Living conditions can become unbearable and possibly even unsafe in a home that cannot ventilate stagnant air.

2. Burnt Smell

Many people will get a whiff of a burning smell when their AC unit needs repaired. This is generally the effect of burnt wire insulation, which can be dangerous if it is not addressed quickly by a professional.

3. Freon Leaks

Freon is the gas within your AC that is compressed and heated to generate cool air. Sometimes, AC units will leak freon, which slows down your system and can cause it to break completely if it is not addressed. If someone tells you that you can fix a freon leak on your own — don’t listen to them. Freon leaks need to be fixed by professionals to ensure the longevity of an AC unit and to eliminate the need for further repairs due to unresolved, unfixed leak locations.

4. Inaccurate Thermostat

It’s possible that you’re air conditioning issue isn’t with the unit itself, but the thermostat that controls it. If your thermostat reads a temperature, but it is clearly incorrect, it’s worth having one of our technicians to come out and give it a look.

5. Odd Noises

While air conditioning units do typically make some noise, if you’re noticing a new sound such as a loud clicking or grinding, you should contact one of our professionals immediately. There could be something causing a blockage or interfering with the overall functionality of the unit, which could cause major issues down the line if left unattended.

If your air conditioning unit needs attention after a long summer, contact the professionals at First Class HVAC. Our team of expert technicians can take care of any of your additional HVAC needs and are eager to serve homeowners in the Wicomico area. Contact us today!