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How to Make Sure Your Heater is in Working Shape Before the Winter Weather


Picture this: the cool, but comfortable fall air has given way to a biting winter chill. After a long summer and fall, you don’t mind the change in temperature. However, when you’re trying to sleep at night, the blankets aren’t cutting it, so you decide today is the day to finally crank the heat. You turn the thermostat up to a cozy 77 degrees and crawl back into bed, but wake to find that your heater is barely hitting 67 — what do you do? Thankfully, you can call First Class HVAC, one of the top HVAC companies in Wicomico County, to take care of it. Although, all this can be easily avoided when you take the proper precautions before the winter season is upon us. To make sure your system is working properly before you learn the hard way, follow these simple heater maintenance tips:

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Check for Drafts

One of the easiest ways for your home to lose heat in the colder months is through cracks in the molding along windows. If your windows aren’t properly sealed, you could be letting in a massive amount of cold air and losing money to high energy bills. As a quick and easy preliminary measure, inspect all the windows and doors in your home for drafts. This way, you know that the heat you pay for is staying inside, where it belongs.

Clean Air Filters

Another simple, yet overlooked way to improve your heater’s efficiency is to check the air filter for buildup. In most cases, you’ll find dust and debris which can force your system to work harder than it has to for the same result. A relatively new filter can be cleaned easily, and for those which haven’t been replaced in years, First Class HVAC can always supply a new one.

Call the Pros

Of course, if you want to know the exact state of your heating system, your best bet is to call the professionals at First Class HVAC. A trained technician can look at your system and identify any and all issues that need to be addressed. Whether that means cleaning fan blades, checking for broken or outdated parts, or providing routine HVAC maintenance in Sussex County, our friendly heat specialists can make sure your system is in tip-top shape just in time for winter.

This season, you can easily save money and increase comfort by calling First Class HVAC to check your heating and ventilation system. Contact us today to learn more!