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How to Conserve Energy in the Summertime

How to Conserve Energy in the Summertime

Beating the heat in the summertime can often be expensive. There are some simple actions you can take, however, to minimize the impact keeping cool can afflict on your budget.

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Use Your Windows Strategically

Opening your windows at cooler times of the day allows you to turn off your air conditioning, which is a major consumer of energy during warmer months. If possible, keep your windows open at night and close them when waking up in the morning. This allows your house to stay cooler naturally because the cooler air will be retained inside while it is getting warmer outside.

A lot of interior warmth can be generated by sunlight shining through your windows. To prevent this, use blinds and drapes to block sunlight from reaching inside. This is especially important for windows that are directly in the path of sunlight. Keeping your house dark inside when you are not home is also a great way to conserve energy because you need to use less energy to reach a comfortable, cooler temperature once you return home.

Control Your Thermostat

The Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer. To make the most of efficient thermostat setting, use fans to create a wind chill effect in addition to your A/C. Fans can make the temperature of a room feel about four degrees cooler because of their effect on a person’s skin. Just remember to turn off fans when leaving a room to cut back on energy use.

Maintain Your Cooling System

Using a well-maintained cooling system makes sure that it is running at its peak performance, so schedule maintenance before the season begins and as needed throughout the summer. Appliances like lights or TVs can increase the heat registered by your thermostat, making your cooling system run longer than necessary. To avoid this, keep the area around your thermostat clear of electrical appliances.

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