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What is Forced Air Heating?

What is Forced Air Heating?

The climate of Delaware and Maryland allows home owners to have a number of different options for heating their homes. When researching your different options, you might see references to forced air heating, radiant heatingheat pumps, or geothermal heating. To help you make a more educated choice on which system is best for you, we at First Class HVAC created a number of informative blog posts that discuss each option. Here you can learn more about forced air heating.

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Forced air heating utilizes air to transfer heat throughout an enclosed area like a building. The air is heated via a furnace and transferred through ductwork, vents, and plenums to distribute the air to different areas. Ancient in origin, forced air heating traditionally used the convective force of heat to naturally transfer heat, but modern forced air systems include fans for blowing the air through ductwork.

The application of the fans gives this type of system the name “forced air” because the fans control the transfer of the heat as opposed to relying on the heat’s natural convection. Unlike other heating system options, the fans, vents, and ductwork of a forced air heating system can also be used to carry cold air from an air conditioning system, which many people find convenient.

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