If you live in a double-wide home or a modular home, often times your home will have a crawl space rather than a basement or cellar. A crawl space is an area accessible by crawling, typically located beneath a home or building, or within its walls. This is the area where you are able to get to water mains, pipes, or electrical wiring which serves your home.

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Crawl space encapsulation is the process of actually closing in a crawl space for the purpose of controlling the moisture within the space. Basically the encapsulation is a foundation without any ventilation or wall openings, and it uses a combination of mechanical drying techniques and air-sealing to control dampness levels in the crawl space. The foundation, walls, and floor of the crawl space are air-sealed providing total encapsulation; any insulation in the crawl space which is located in the exterior walls or level with the floor may remain in those areas. All other insulation is removed when the encapsulation process takes place.

A crawlspace system offers a permanent solution to moisture problems and energy loss. Encapsulating your crawl space, today will have many benefits that you will notice almost instantly, and it will keep the house in good condition in the long term.

As well as moisture and energy, these systems will also help to keep out unwanted pests and critters.

The Benefits of a Crawlspace System:

  1. Keep out unwanted pests
  2. Eliminate moisture under the house and in the house
  3. Increase home energy efficiency
  4. Add value to your home
  5. Greater floor durability
  6. Prevents rotting and mold



Controlling the humidity levels in your home is a key part of keeping your home and family healthy. Santa Fe dehumidifiers are an energy-efficient and very affordable solution humidity issues in your home. Investing in an energy-efficient dehumidifier will save you time and money, and we highly recommend Santa Fe dehumidifiers.





First Class HVAC is your full home service provider, able to provide professional, experienced service to most any area of your home, from your electrical system to your pipes, and we want to be your premier Delaware and Maryland crawl space encapsulation company. We will take care of the entire process from start to finish, leaving you with a clean, dry crawl space and a lot less stress.

The professional service providers at First Class Heating and Air Conditioning will consult with you regarding your crawl space and its specific issues and needs. We will then go over their recommendations and applicable services step by step, and we will answer any questions you may have regarding the process. The team will then carry out the recommendation per your okay, making sure to do a thorough, professional job. Not only that but when you use First Class for your home’s crawl space encapsulation you are paying the best prices available for the finest, most professional service of its kind. You can also rest assured that we take great pride in providing top of the line customer service to all of their customers; you and your best interest is the top priority at First Class.


Don’t put yourself through the anxiety of making structural repairs due to mold and water build-up damage; contact First Class today and let us take care of your crawl space encapsulation requirements. You will never call another company, and you will find that the process pays for itself over and over again. Let the professionals at First Class provide you with the very best crawl space encapsulation services available today!


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